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Update 5

I’ve just signed up to Weibo.. the Chinese Twitter. My profile can be found here: http://weibo.cn/writeguy What does this mean? Well I now have an outlet in the Chinese market for my writing. I’ve figured that the Western market is a bitch to get noticed in… however a western writer in an Eastern country, may well get noticed! It’s a long shot, but why not try it?

Update 4:

I am still here! I’ve signed up to a 3 year degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa Uni. I have chosen not to complete nano #5 this year, as I’m pretty sure I’ll be waaaay too busy for it. Therefore; pressure off.

Update 3:
A lot of time has passed between Update 2 & Update 3 – probably a few years, as I am no longer a writer of one novel, but a writer of 4 novels. They may be first drafts, but they are complete and I’m extremely happy with them. This year (2011) I plan on writing a 5th one.

Update 2:
And now, apparently, I am a writer. Meaning ‘I have written’. Calling myself ‘a writer’ is hard, and calling what I’ve written ‘a book’ is just as hard. I’ve been told that’s acceptable, and to be proud and celebrate it. I’m finding it hard because…

*Ooo look a butterfly!


Update 1:
I am Mark.

I’m not a writer. I haven’t written anything substantial yet. I’m not sure I can either. I would hate to delude myself and believe I can do something, before its proven (ergh, a little negative there mark). I’m a designer. I don’t do text. I do primary colours and whitespace.

Sometimes I work from home, this gives me time to relax in coffee shops… and that’s where I began thinking… which ultimately lead to me writing.

And now here I am writing more.

Thats enough ‘about’ for now, I’ll add more later.

I am Mark.


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  1. oh btw the way… I am Mark. I have multiple blogs on wordpress.

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